$4.6M for Construction Delays

Press Release: $4.6M for Construction Delays

Ernest Bock & Sons v. Princeton Regional Board of Education: A school board will pay..

a general contractor $4.6 million for construction delays under an agreement finalized Jan. 3. Ernest Bock & Sons of Philadelphia and the Princeton Regional Board of Education signed a $32.8 million contract on Oct. 2, 2003, for renovations and additions to the local high school that were supposed to be completed by Oct. 31, 2005. They were not done until September 2007 and Bock alleged the two-year delay was caused by defects in plans drawn up by architect Hillier Architecture of Princeton.The school board paid Bock $3 million shortly after it passed a resolution approving the deal on Dec. 14, says the contractor's lawyer, John Palladino , of Hankin Sandman & Palladino in Atlantic City. The rest will be paid in five installments of $320,000 over five years, starting next January. Palladino says the settlement also entitles Bock to 12 percent of anything over $2 million the board may recover in an anticipated suit against Hillier, now part of RMJM, an international company with a U.S. base in New York.