Published Decisions & Unpublished Decisions

Mr. Hankin has participated in a number of unpublished decisions which include the invalidation of a portion of Avalon, New Jersey’s dune protection ordinance, the invalidation of Atlantic City and Margate, New Jersey’s anti-condominium conversion ordinances, and the invalidation of Mount Laurel, New Jersey’s attempt to regulate carnival amusement ride lighting as preempted under New Jersey’s Carnival Amusement Ride Act(discussed in “Big Wheel To Keep on Turning”, 173 New Jersey Law Journal 6 (July 7, 2003)). In one edition of the New Jersey Law Journal, (190 New Jersey Law Journal 135(October 2009)), two of Mr. Hankin’s unpublished decisions were noted as being among a total of 10 of New Jersey’s “most requested” opinions that year.

 In addition to numerous unpublished trial and appellate decisions, Mr. Hankin has both authored the briefs and conducted oral argument in the following published decisions which have either made new law or clarified the state of the law in diverse areas.

Margate Civil Ass’n . V. Board of Com’r of Margate, 132 N.J. Super 58 (App. Div. 1975), (construction of state liquor law statute). Mr. Hankin

McBride v. Atlantic City, 146 N.J. Super 406 (App. Div. 1975) (employment) Mr. Hankin

Margate Tavern Owner’s Association v. Brown, 144 N.J. Super. 435 (App. Div. 1976) (construction and application of municipal initiative and referendum laws) Mr. Hankin

City of Atlantic City v. Block C-11, Lot 11, 74 N.J. 34 (1977) ( constitutional attack upon the notice provisions of New Jersey’s Tax Foreclosure Act) Mr. Hankin

Zaid v. Island House Condominium Association, 170 N.J. Super. 206 (Ch. Div. 1979) (prohibiting condominium associations under the New Jersey Real Estate Licensing Act from directly or indirectly engaging in the business of real estate brokerage by renting or selling condominium units) Mr. Hankin

Plaza Joint Venture v. City of Atlantic City, 174 N.J. Super. 231 (1980) (invalidating Atlantic City's attempt to prohibit condominium conversions based upon preemption doctrine). Mr. Hankin

Brechman v. Adamar of New Jersey, Inc., 182 NJ. Super. 259 (Ch. Div. 1981) (involving the interaction of the parol evidence rule and the statute of frauds in invalidating a written lease agreement on behalf of the Tropicana Hotel & Casino). Mr. Hankin

Fogel v. S.S.R. Realty Associates, 190 N.J. Super 47 (App. Div. 1983) (mortgagor's failure to accede to demand for higher interest rates does not justify mortgagee's refusal to consent to sale). Mr. Hankin

Hilton Hotel Corp. v. Piper Co., 214 N.J. Super. 328 (Ch. Div. 1986), (setting forth the rights of a buyer to place a lien on land pending a specific performance suit). Mr. Hankin

Avalon Home and Land Owners v. Borough of Avalon, 111 N.J. 205 (1988), (establishing the jurisdictional boundaries of municipal ordinances permitting the extension of non-conforming uses). Mr. Hankin

Goldstein v. Planning Bd. of Borough of Barnegat Light, 272 N.J. Super. 359 (Law Div. 1988) (limiting the rights of a planning board to deny subdivision approval). Mr. Hankin

Schuran, Inc. v. Walnut Hill Associates, 256 NJ. Super. 228 (Law Div. 1991) (defining usury in the commercial context). Mr. Hankin

Lundy v. Adamar of New Jersey, Inc. 34 F.3d 1179 (3d Cir., NJ. 1994)(successful defense of Tropicana Hotel& Casino in a Good Samaritan case). Mr. Hankin

Kuhn v. Mercedes-Benz of North America, Inc., 94 N.J.A.R.2d (1994)(automobile lemon law decision). Mr. Hankin

N.J. D.E.P. v. Grossman, 94 N.J.A.R.2d 236 (1994)(environmental law). Mr. Hankin

Mangel v. N.J.D.E.P., 95N.J.A.R.2d(1995) (environmental law). Mr. Hankin

Meehan v. K.D. Partners, LP., 317 N.J. Super. (App. Div. 1998) (limiting the right to intervene in the settlement of land use litigation). Mr. Hankin

Boardwalk Regency Corp. V. NJ Casino Control Commission, 352 N.J. Super. 285 (App.Div. 2002) (construction and application of state administrative agency powers). Mr. Hankin

IMO The Joint Petition of Boardwalk Regency Corp. and DiBartolomeo v. N.J. Casino Control commission, 352 N.J. Super 285 (App. Div. 2002) (casino law). Mr. Hankin

Dragon v. New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection, 405 N.J. Super. 478 (App. Div. 2009), cert den. 199 N.J. 517 (2009) (successfully challenging a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection third party settlement). Mr. Hankin

Gross v. Iannuzzi (App. Div. June 5, 2019) (deed and zoning restrictions) Mr. Hankin